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My coaching process dances between your big picture beliefs (e.g. how you relate to your body) and practical details and strategies (e.g. what you eat for breakfast).


We start with the low hanging fruit—the small changes that make a big impact and get you feeling better quickly. At the same time, slowly exploring the larger beliefs and emotional relationships at the core of it all.  Working on both aspects at once helps you feel supported and empowered to really make changes. 

My methods are customized to you and naturally vary from client to client.  Here is a general outline of what you can expect in our work together.

           Free 30-minute Discovery Call

This call is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and determine if I am the right fit for what you need! We will discuss what is going on for you and what our work together might look like. 

           First 90-minute Intake Session

Sessions take place remotely over video or in-person in Oakland, CA. 

I feel like I'm eating more and have consistently lost weight. I have more energy and feel great about myself!

Marc - Piedmont, CA

The first session is a 90-minute intake session where we look broadly at the big picture of your life today, what your goals are and what you’ve tried so far.  Before the intake session, I ask you to keep a food journal using my journal template for at least 3 consecutive days to help give us a sense of where you are now. At the end of this session we'll make a plan and discuss a direction for our work. 

           Five 60-Minute Sessions

The 60-minute sessions are time for us to celebrate your successes and discuss the challenges you experienced since the last session, while continuing the ever-evolving conversation on your big beliefs. We will meet every 1, 2, or 3 weeks depending on what you’re working on.  At the end of each session, we will agree upon a few assignments to focus on that address both practical strategies and big picture relationships.  A few general examples include experimenting with snacking, having a tough conversation or journaling with a prompt.

           Session Follow-Up

I will always email you after a session with notes, a summary of the homework and any resources you might need like recipes or shopping lists.


This foundational scope of work is $600.  It includes the 90-minute Intake Session and five 60-minute sessions.  If you want to continue our work beyond that scope, we can discuss what's right for you.

Let’s talk more about what our work together would look like.

Working with Rachel was an absolute joy because Rachel brought a multi-faceted approach to the table that incorporated counseling, experiential learning, vulnerable sharing as well as a wealth of techniques in the realm of food psychology, nutrition, and mindful eating.  

Aaron - San Francisco, CA