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Your Food Comes in Peace

July 23, 2017


Recently, I was eating lunch with a group and something so normal happened that I just had to write about it…


The lunch banter turned to some gluten-free crackers that one woman was eating.  In response, she said “these crackers are good but they're dangerous”.  Of course everyone at the table knew exactly what that meant.  Even the ten year old easily chimed in and started listing her dangerous foods...sweet potato chips, almond butter and cookies.



Food is dangerous when it is a peanut butter sandwich that will send you into anaphylaxis.

Food is dangerous when it's furry with big colored spots in the back of your refrigerator.

Food is dangerous when you’re trying to take it from a hungry dog.  


“Dangerous” has become almost synonymous with “delicious,” but they’re not really the same thing.  The fear is that the deliciousness will cause us to lose control.  Believe me, I totally understand this. 


Here is the bottom line: what we say about food to others matters and what we think about food to ourselves matters.  Our relationship to food is what gives it the power to be dangerous or keeps it in its delicious place.


Maybe the way to feel in control around food isn’t to fear the food, but to enjoy it even more?  We can give ourselves permission to take pleasure in eating and trust our bodies to know what’s right.


Are you reading this wondering how in the heck does one do that? Let’s talk about it.







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