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Good Sleep is Non-Negotiable

August 13, 2017

Often we put so much focus on eating and exercise when it comes to health, we totally forget to prioritize sleep!  I often work with clients on how to get more sleep and better quality sleep.  If you’re well rested and hydrated most of the time, you’re doing wonders for your body.  Add some regular bowel movements in there and you’re basically on top of the world.   


Sleep is vital time for the body and mind to

rest and repair.  It is also a major indicator in

the sustainability of your lifestyle and habits.  Waking ​​up at 5:30am to go to the gym before work sounds great…but if you’re not a morning person or not able to get to bed early enough, maybe it isn’t a long-term strategy for success.  If you’re concerned about the additional calories of having wine with dinner, maybe the better question is how the wine impacts your quality of sleep.


Research shows that there is a strong relationship between sleep and appetite.  The healthy body’s response to getting insufficient sleep is to look for other energy sources during the day.  This could mean a feeling of insatiable hunger, strong sugar cravings and more.  Being aware of your sleep can be helpful in understanding your body’s needs when it comes to food and a great place to practice self-care.


Check out this piece from KQED Bay Area Bites for more information on how to get quality sleep and more of my thoughts on the relationship between food and sleep.



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