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I’ve tried several therapists at Stanford who use the CBT approach and felt no improvement or achievements. My friend recommended Rachel, who I quickly found had a different and unique approach that works for me. She has a human touch and is truly able to connect from her own experiences. Rachel really listens, offers practical support and combines it with a great sense of humor, which is very uplifting. I leave our sessions feeling like I’ve had a true and honest conversation and I like that she tells it like it is. Her guidance in shifting my outlook to be more positive has been the boost my body and mind needs." 

/// Natalie, San Jose

I can't say enough wonderful things about Rachel and the work she does.  She offers a highly personalized, welcoming/nonjudgemental environment, a listening ear and a wealth of expertise.  After years of doubting my body/health despite being an avid exerciser and mindful eater, Rachel was instrumental in helping me realize that I already have the healthy body I have been striving for.  She helped me shift my perspective from one of unrealistic goals to one of balance, gratitude, and appreciation for my capable and healthy body and cultivate a holistic, healthy and joyful belief system. I highly recommend Rachel's services -- she provides support and knowledge to spark lasting change.'"

/// Heather, San Francisco

Rachel was able to fit my nutrition goals into my busy lifestyle. Her approach is about redirecting my habits toward delicious, healthy eating choices. I feel like I'm eating more and have consistently lost weight, have more energy, and feel great about myself. I highly recommend meeting with her to discuss your own lifestyle goals!"

/// Marc, Piedmont

Working with Rachel was a revelation. After decades of yo-yoing, I am finally able to give up dieting all together. Instead, I pay attention while I eat, and to my physical and emotional state before and after. The journaling tool that Rachel provided filled in the gaps left by traditional food journals. I am now able to eat more slowly and more mindfully, with the predictable positive results. Rachel has been a thoughtful listener and advocate for me during this move forward."

/// Karen, Oakland

Rachel is an incredible person and it is nothing short of a privilege to work with her! Her approach combines a deep well of knowledge, hands-on experience, and a humor coupled with compassion that make the experience so worthwhile. Rachel met me where I was at and celebrated small victories with me.  She not only gave her full attention when we had a session, she generously researched questions that arose and offered multiple resources to help me. If you have the opportunity to work with Rachel, CARPE DIEM!!!"

/// Colleen, New York City

Rachel is an extraordinarily insightful, intuitive and compassionate human being who also happens to be an extremely knowledgable, professional and experienced holistic nutritionist.  Working with Rachel was an absolute joy because Rachel brought a multi-faceted approach to the table that incorporated counseling, experiential learning, vulnerable sharing as well as a wealth of techniques in the realm of food psychology, nutrition, and mindful eating.  Rachel crafted an innovative and highly personalized lifestyle plan that was rooted in listening to my body's needs and cultivating mindfulness and joy around food and health.  Throughout my work with Rachel, her commitment, passion and creativity allowed me to drastically transform my relationship with food from one of rigidity, guilt and shame to one of balance, compassion, and sensible simplicity.  I went into my work with Rachel with sharp pains, bloating, negative thoughts and excessive fatigue and in less than 4 months, I feel clear in body, mind and soul and cannot thank Rachel enough for the priceless gift of confidence, joy and vitality that she helped me obtain.  I highly recommend Rachel as a truly top-notch nutritionist, holistic health expert, lifestyle coach and person!"

/// Aaron, San Francisco 

Rachel is a warm, grounded and knowledgeable nutritionist. She helped me navigate the very difficult and emotional waters of my health issues and find healing through food. I am so grateful to have worked with Rachel who helped me get in touch with what my healthy body looks and feels like."

/// Lila, Berkeley

Rachel always made me feel comfortable during our sessions so I was able to open up about triggers that were impacting me negatively. Rachel listened and helped me come up with a game plan to stay on the right track and avoid those triggers.  I would definitely recommend Rachel to anyone looking to gain health!”

/// Erika, Pinole

Rachel has a gift for nonjudgmental and caring support, and she knows her stuff. It was comfortable and easy to confide in her and I felt supported and motivated to make changes with her help. I came to Rachel after years of congestion, allergies, and feeling generally run-down. She helped me eliminate the three most common allergic food categories--gluten, dairy and sugar--for a month. Her encouragement, recipes, and availability enabled me to take the plunge, which was easier than I thought! The most striking results were increased energy, better mood, and easier and deeper sleep, which greatly enhanced my quality of life. My congestion and allergies improved, and I learned that there is more going on than just reactions to those categories, which is helpful information as I take the next step there. I am so grateful for Rachel's wise support during this journey of health!"

/// Nancy, Berkeley

Rachel is recreating the title “nutritionist”. The definition truly does not encompass everything she offers. She not only has an amazing understanding of what food our bodies need, but also works to understand how and why we make the choices we do when eating. After attending the turmeric class she led, I was inspired and nourished. The workshop was fun (she is a very charming and enjoyable person), extremely informative, and delicious. I really appreciate how she helps you feel capable of making better choices for your body in regards to your nutrition and able to enjoy food probably more than you have before. After the workshop I felt excited and motivated to take care of myself.  I am looking forward to continuing to learn from Rachel and would definitely attend any class she offers in the future!"

/// Chelsea, San Francisco

We sought Rachel's advice when my husband was diagnosed pre-diabetic last year. We had attended several seminars. While we gained a better comprehension of the disease we didn't know how to cook more creatively to make the lifestyle change we were seeking. That is where Rachel provided the knowledge and guidance as a nutritionist and former chef. Fortunately, my husband's sweet tooth actually decreased. We are happy with the changes and the blood sugar results tells us we are on the right path. She is supportive to work with. Her recommendations practical and easy to implement.  We highly recommend engaging her services."

/// Pam, Oakland